American Dream By David Wallechinsky Essay

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American Dream Synthesis Essay

The American Dream, or the idea that each American has an equal opportunity at success, is becoming untrue as certain people who are able to achieve higher education through financial abundance or are American-born have an unfair advantage compared to less wealthy immigrant citizens.

People who have not received higher education, such as college, have a much diminished chance at achieving the American Dream. In today’s society, being unable to attend college leads to having minimal career choices. In reality, this is highly unfair, as people become practically forced into a job they do not want just because they can not pay to get into a university. Americans do not have a say in how wealthy they are before they graduate high school, and they do not deserve to be punished with a lifetime of financial issues and stress because of this. In “Is the American Dream Still Possible?” by David Wallechinsky, Americans nationwide were surveyed about their finances and outlook for the future, and it becomes clear that many people are struggling with the issue of the American Dream as we speak. Financial stability is something Americans rely on, but “almost two-thirds say they live from paycheck to paycheck, and 47% say that no matter how hard they work, they cannot get ahead” (56). These workers that were surveyed are fiscally behind, as most are unable to make enough money to create a cushion to fall back on. Though they hope for a better…

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