American Culture vs. Australian Culture Essay

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American Culture vs. Australian Culture
HMD 259- Assignment 1
Lauren Lightfoot

Lauren Lightfoot
HMD 259
Assignment 1

When asked to compare American culture to a country of my choice, I selected Australia. I’ve never visited the country but I have friends that live there and they often question American norms as they differ greatly in Australia. Upon typing the phrase into my search engine, some very interesting links popped up, revealing some strange but valid distinctions between these cultures.
Australians don’t have a large army. In fact, most Australian officials don’t even consider it a real army. Both countries speak English but English pronunciation is quite different in Australia, as they tend to have a higher pitched
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Australia does not depend on these factors to gain success and believe that social dominance isn’t a necessity for being. This may create some difficulty for an HR director because the employee may not reach their full potential based on their cultural practices. An Australian employee would most likely be a hard worker that applies their skills, but has no desire to achieve unrealistic dreams. They would however, practice both job enlargement and enrichment while employed.
Australia has a more harmonious political system. Though there is a separation between parties, they are both fairly moderate, which eliminates the idea of “picking sides.” Extremists also fall to the waist side, as their presence doesn’t make much of a difference in voting. Australians practice preferential voting, which rates candidates in order of preference. They don’t get too wrapped up in political views and support government healthcare/welfare. This might be a difficult for an HR director simply because the employee may object to different deductions made for health insurance and tax. They may also have a middle of the road view and won’t really side with any one idea.


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