American Culture : History And Culture Essay

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American culture, Literature and, Art has greatly evolved over the centuries. Culture has been influenced by nearly every region of the world. Just as cultures from around the world influenced American cultures, today American culture influences the world. The American culture is primarily western, and influenced by several other cultures such as; African, Native American, Asian, and Latin. American culture has some of its own unique social and cultural characteristics. Early European influences came from English settlers of colonial America during the British Rule. Due to ties with Britain that helped with the spread of, the English language, British culture, the legal system, and other cultural influences. Other influences came from parts of Europe, and especially Germany. The American culture has always been thought of as a melting pot, but ever since the 1960s it has been thought of more of a salad bowl due to cultural diversity, and pluralism. American culture Strong cultural differences have a long history in the U.S. with the southern slave society in the antebellum period serving as a prime example. Not only social, but also economic tensions between the Northern and Southern states were so severe that they eventually caused the South to declare itself an independent nation, the Confederate States of America; thus initiating the American Civil War. American language has taken most of its influences from Europe. America was a series of British colonies on the…

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