American Culture And Corporate Culture Essay

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In an organization, remembers have a way of shocking people by their similar way of acting and thinking, that is at the same different from other members of organizations in the same market. It is each company has a unique personality that remains constant throughout the years. Even as older members retire or seek opportunities elsewhere, the new members still act and think in the same manner as the older generation. It is this trait of a company that is referred to as “culture”. Culture is this context is rather indefinite; that is throughout the years the corporate culture has had divergent definitions.
History of corporate culture
While organization culture or corporate culture arose in the 1960s in businesses and institutional organizations such as universities; the term” corporate culture” was well established in early 1980s and in the 1990s it became widely known can it was used sociologists, managers and other researcher to label the character of an organization, not only using universal attitudes and beliefs, but also using organization-wide value systems, the strategies of management, work environment, company logos and trademark, workforce communication and relations as well as CEOs with charisma (Steen, 2003).
By last year. Corporate culture was not something that was not developed only by the creators, management and the workforce of an organization but subjected to the influence of the nationwide cultures and traditions, the economic…

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