Essay on American Citizens At The United States

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Farm hand work in the United States does not pay well and is intended for people without degrees for the most part. Typically, immigrants from Mexico with work visas hold these jobs because Americans don’t think the pay is enough and the working conditions are rough. In recent years Americans are starting to complain that these so called “immigrants” are taking the jobs of fellow Americans. There are always two sides to the story and I want to investigate why documented Americans, like myself, are blaming “immigrants” for stealing jobs in the U.S. Looking at the problem and what certain American citizens this issue distresses, I hope to seek a unique solution that solves the issue.

Purpose and Audience
First things first, I would like to announce that my current intended audience is American citizens near the Mexico border who don’t have a college degree. American citizens of all ages or at least ages where one may attain a job to support themselves, are complaining that so called “immigrants” are stealing their jobs. Consequently, the solution should be focused towards them in order to stop the problem. To gain information about this issue I analyzed two texts: “Take My Job!’ Campaign Markets Agricultural Labor” from and “From Working the Farm to Fast Food and Back Again: Rural Mexicans in the Neoliberal Food System” by Elizabeth Fitting taken from The University of Arkansas Press. The two texts above were reprinted in the Colorado State University…

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