America 's Second Industrial Revolution Essay example

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America’s second industrial revolution had a big impact on everybody in the late 1900s. However, the biggest impact was shown on to the American industrial worker, the working class. New technological advancements cause companies to impose new injustices, labor unions form to fight back; unfortunately, the government does not act on these injustices towards the working class. The government at the time was not only corrupt, but also not ready or prepared for the problems they were about to be facing. The industrial boom starts in the 1870s when the advancement of iron and steel become apparent. Before the 1870s iron ruled the market, used mostly for railroads. However, after 1870 steel became the dominant metal of the market. The process created by Henry Bessemer and William Kelly made iron more durable and versatile, steel. The new metal is used to manufacture rails, locomotives, and most importantly girders for skyscrapers. Metal was not the only huge technological advancement, electricity soon sparked the way for the future. The most notable invention created through electricity to affect the working class was the lightbulb, created by Thomas A. Edison in 1879. The lightbulb allowed for factories to be open all day and night without the risk of an oil lamp causing fire. The combination of both the skyscraper and lightbulb creates the optimal workspace for companies to create. This also makes longer shifts possible to impose on employees because they can work through the…

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