Similarities Between Populist And Progressives

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Workers, Populist, and Progressives During the 19th Century workers were dissatisfied with the capitalist government, and the new industrial order. Industrialization, urbanization, and immigration were modifying the American society following reconstruction. From this discontent, sprouted two new ideologies which are the Populist and Progressives. Workers suffered terrible conditions, and it was difficult for them to be heard since there were more workers than jobs. Because of this, workers were always taking the job opportunities quickly and the capitalists had no reason to make changes to the industry. In essence, the workers wanted the government to have more control over industries, and wanted to reform the exploitation of workers and to set regulations that would improve their work life. The Americans who were content with the new century society found themselves under siege, but eventually most citizens were able to acknowledge that the “new” way of America needed a change. These discontent Americans included farmers, factory workers, and even women who were poverty stricken or in the middle class. These two ideologies both arose in the 19th, and beginning of the 20th century, and though they differentiate in the way they dealt against the industrialization and corporate capitalism, they also share a few similar …show more content…
They were affected by the declining crop prices and the disparage of currency, and the production and monopolies of railroads. The program originated in 1882 in Omaha, Nebraska. The populists had many ideologies that caused them to create their movement such as: women’ suffrage, direct election of senators, federal income tax, campaigns against monopolies and trusts, and to alert the people of the abuses made by the unregulated

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