Essay on America 's Obsession With Stem Education

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Liberal arts

America’s obsession with STEM education has been a cause for debate. STEM education is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. In the article “Why America’s obsession with STEM education is dangerous,” Fareed Zakaria discusses the benefits of a Liberal Arts education on top of a STEM education. In the article, Zakaria argues that America is more creative and innovative than only STEM based educated countries. The majority of Zakaria’s claims are all factual and true, however some of the points made can be debated. Fareed Zakaria argues that though the United States does not place well on international tests, our education system is better-rounded than those of STEM based educations. Zakaria states that “Innovation is not simply a technical matter but rather one of understanding how people and societies work”. Liana Heitin states “The push from moving STEM to STEAM,” this means adding arts to the traditional education. Adding arts to the normal United States education will promote critical thinking and innovation. The United States does not fare well when it comes to test taking, but this does not directly reflect the countries success. The education system of the United States teaches not only the basic elements of STEM, but it implements traits of being able to think creatively. Also this idea of STEAM promotes students to not back down from a challenge, it emphasizes the need to improvise and come back from a challenge. The need…

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