America 's Lack Of Social Awareness Essay examples

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Black people growing up in modern day America is without a doubt much better compared to how it was 60 years ago. However, growing up black is still a daunting situation to be in from the moment one develops a sense of social awareness. Blacks grow up realizing that people of their complexion aren’t the ones being advertised as beautiful, learning that certain people of other races do not like others just because of their skin, stereotyped of being something that they are not, watching your brothers and sisters being wrongfully convicted or even executed by the one’s sworn to protect you. This paper will talk about America’s conditioning of thickening the skin of black persons to prepare them for the real, cruel world. Society’s Forceful Thickening of Black Skin Blacks are the most polarizing race in all of America (Cox & Jones, 2015). They want to be heard, acknowledged, and respected which is something that those from the past and present have fought for. The aggressiveness shown by blacks is something that America has never seen before since they are so used to other minorities falling in line. America’s image of the black man has been advertised as many things throughout history. Plous & Williams (1995) listed thug, lazy, ignorant, and delinquent as the most common words used to belittle the black man within the last 20 years. Whether it be from planting the seeds of inferiority early through forms of media and advertising, to displaying acts of injustice…

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