America 's First Known System Of Law Enforcement Essay

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The next door neighbor is always drinking, his wife is always yelling “ no, no please stop” she’s yelling in pain. I know its the right choice I pick up the phone call 911. I see the red and blue lights flashing. I never seen a car go so fast. Sirens so loud and close. I hear the cops getting out the car, yelling “The house is surrounded come out with your hands up’’ police come from behind and put handcuffs on the man. It turns out the man beats his wife now he 's going to jail for a long time. While police officers handle violent crime, they also protect citizens and their property as well as teach safety to children, maintain traffic control and respond to medical emergencies.
More than 350 years ago, America’s first known system of law enforcement was established in Boston. It began as soon as colonists had settled in 1630s, local ordinances had allowed for constables to be appointed. Soon after, in April 1631, The people in the neighborhood made a team of six called the “watch group” , one constable, and several volunteers who watched over the whole neighborhood over night, walking around the whole town, it was run by people who just wanted the whole town to be safe and no crimes going on at night when everyone was asleep, it was the 17th century watch mostly reported crimes fires and things they think could be a harm to the town, made sure that nothing weird was happening on the streets they maintained them safe, raised the “hue and cry” (pursuing suspected…

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