Muscle Memory: The Importance Of Stressful Training

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). Muscle memory has a large place in firearm training. If muscles remember exactly where to hold the gun and how to hold it, the person will be accurate a lot of the time. This would be needed for both the FBI and other law enforcement officers. For example, a police officer is in the middle of a shooting with other armed people. Taking the time to stand still, position himself and remember where his sights are and to line them up on the target, would take way too much time and would leave him and his other officers in danger. With muscle memory, pulling your gun and its position are automatic and not something the officer needs to think about in such a high stress situation of a shooting. If an officer is pulling his gun, it is always a stressful …show more content…
Maintaining all the proper rules and regulations, so the officers in each area are trained correctly, to do their job efficiently. Staying up to date on the new policies is part of the management position but it is required for all agents and officers to be current on their training. Most places of work have one or more people in control of making sure each person is current on the training that is needed. Training like sexual harassment protocol and other state or federal mandated training is required, and needs to be done for everyone. Also in any type of law enforcement, firearm training is often a monthly requirement. This type of training is for both FBI and police agencies. Briefings are also a part of the training for the day-to-day activities. At the beginning of a shift, the people are briefed on what needs to be done that day, what issues they could face, specific threats for that day, and other important information that could keep the officers or agents safe and informed. A briefing is usually short and can be used as time to bond with other coworkers. Some training is done in that briefing time period also. The need for briefings is high because of the transfer of information on current situations, and established work already …show more content…
The FBI need an agent that is trained in a different way than a county sheriff officer. Because their jobs are different, their training is different. The different training for each job is specialized for the area that that officer is going into. The need and demand of the agents, and officers, helps maintain the field of criminal justice to be current in their training. Both methods are efficient and specialized for the best possible law enforcement officer. The police agencies need officers in a higher demand and with the ability to take orders well. Trained in First Response to emergency situations, the officer is trained in stress management and has a toolbox full of ideas for different situations that can arise. The FBI agent needs to be current in the recent events and have a large background of knowledge to rely on, while investigating crimes and collecting evidence. Both the FBI and other officers in law enforcement, the common goal is to protect the citizens within the United States borders and their specific area of training. Protection of the citizens is most

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