America 's Dependence On Fossil Fuels Essay

1218 Words Nov 2nd, 2014 5 Pages
The United States of America’s dependence on fossil fuels is detrimental to the future of our magnificent Nation. The only way to repair the damage we have caused, and our currently causing, to our environment is to position renewable energy in our system in such a way that it soon dominates the power grids across America, ceasing our addiction to fossil fuels. The policy option that will successfully enable this switch is feed-in tariffs. According to KEMA, Inc., an energy consultant that frequently prepares reports for governmental energy agencies, “a feed-in tariff is an offering of a fixed-price contract over a specified term with specified operating conditions to eligible renewable energy.” Essentially, a feed-in tariff empowers the use of renewable energy by providing a fixed payment between you and your electric utility where they guarantee to buy the energy produced from your renewable energy system for a set amount of time (usually around 15 to 20 years). Feed-in tariffs not only provide a sense of security to investors and generators through long-term contracts, but they also enhance market access and provide a means for implementation of new policies. The only other option that has been discussed is Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (REPS), however these standards have multiple disadvantages that make obsolete when compared to feed-in tariffs. The policy advancements presented through feed-in tariffs are countless, yet three over-arching ideals can be…

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