America 's Bitter Pill, By Steven Brill Essay

795 Words Feb 24th, 2016 4 Pages
Mike Ferguson once said, America 's doctors, nurses and medical researchers are the best in the world, but our health care system is broken. The employees inside the U.S. health care system are some of the best in the world, but the way the system is implemented is broken. The book America’s Bitter Pill, written by Steven Brill, takes an in depth look at the health care system in America. It goes in depth about Obamacare and how it was written, being installed, and changing or failing to change the system. The writing of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, was a tedious and difficult project. Also, the initial release of Obamacare was an utter failure, the day people were able to access the website it crashed. After the website was fixed and people were able to begin signing up it started to change things in the health care system, others it could not fix. Finally, the system has to change, lower class citizens cannot afford to go to the hospital without health insurance, but insurance is too expensive for some families. The U.S. health care system, America’s largest and most dysfunctional industry, is broken and Obama attempted to fix it through Obamacare. In the 1993, the Clinton administration had the idea of a health care bill similar to Obamacare, but this was shut down by big health care companies. In 2008, the Obama administration sat down and wrote the Affordable Care Act with major health care companies. They wrote a 961-page law aimed to fix the health care…

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