Essay about America 's A Teenage Pregnancy Crisis

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America in a teenage pregnancy crisis!”, was the headlines in every major news topic in this country. However, the alarming rate has declined by 9 percent from 2013 to 2014. Women in the age range of 15-19 years of age gave birth to 249,078 babies in 2014. Therefore, reducing the birth rate 24.2 percent per 1,000 females within that age bracket. In the year 2013 it was reported the birth rate was at 26.5 percent per 1,000 females within 15-19 age group. These babies were close to 89 percent of unwed mothers. Teenagers conceiving babies without being married is an all too common factor in this country. According to the ( about Teen pregnancy). In return, making the U.S. birth rates at an all-time low for all races The causes of the decline was unsubstantiated, however there are many reasons that may have contributed to the historic low birth rates. However, birth rates in the U.S. remain the highest compared to several developed countries. Researchers at the Guttmacher institute noticed in 2010 (, teen pregnancy, abortion and birth rates continued to decline among all ethnic and racial groups. The inconsistency between the two groups remained. Each state rates varied with a marginal decline in the 50 states. When comparing the rates in each state, New Mexico was the highest ranking number 1 at 80 per 1,000 women to become pregnant in a year ( The state of New Hampshire ranked the lowest with 28 per 1,000 women to be…

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