America Is The New World Essay example

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America to me is freedom because the word America means the new world. This new world established new human race, independent in every aspect of life. America possibly is the only society with the freedom given to every individual. Our forefathers have given this freedom on the central idea of “free speech.” The right is free speech is evolutionary innate and prove of our existence. In our society, this right is so important that the writers of the ‘Bill of Rights’ gave it very first place and for personal safety empowered us with ‘Right to bear arms;’ meaning say freely whatever you want and take some guns for self-defense. As we are exercising these rights, we should also ensure that the ‘ideal of the second amendment never, ever trumps the power of first [amendment].’ I agree with Joe Randazzo’s analysis in his excerpt that the ‘right to bear arms’ should keep supporting our right to free speech, but should never erode or nullify it.
This is what makes the America great, say what you want to say because next thing you got is the right to bear arms. One of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, in proposed Virginia Constitution, said “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” Every man who considers America as the ‘land of the free,’ should never restrict exercising his right to bear arms to protect themselves; and centuries have followed this tradition. All the great leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King showed courage to express their ideas using their…

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