Essay on Americ Imagine The World Without Her By Dinesh D ' Souza

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America: Imagine The World Without Her by Dinesh D’Souza is centered around the idea of all the things that America has robbed people of. The film is not criticizing America or stating how America is a horrible place because Dinesh D’ Souza consistently said in the beginning of the film how he loves America, but he just does not agree with some of the things about how America came to be. He is in fact “shaming America” like scolding a child after a child has done something wrong. The film is not opinion based, but is in fact, fact based much to my surprise. All of his information was from facts, but he made the matter more political by delving deeper into the subjects. He decided to base his documentary on the five indictments of America (the shaming). He brings attention to these matters in the film in a new light; he opened my eyes to how America really came to be. His views can be seen as very controversial because he states how he loves America, but he is blaming America throughout the whole film, so it can be difficult to see his standpoint. The five indictments listed in the film are: Theft of Land, Theft of Mexican Territory, Theft of Labor, Theft of resources, and the final one, Theft of the American Dream. One may ask him or herself what these indictments mean. These indictments are stating the sins of America. He has brought these thefts to the attention to the general public by stating the indictments and breaking them down into smaller components.…

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