Benedict Arnold: The American Traitor

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Good morning, you are tuning into Category 4 news, today we will be talking about Benedict Arnold the American Traitor, the Sons of Liberty, the Advantages of the British and Americans, Yorktown, Treaty of Paris, Women’s Contributions, and African American Contributions.
Anthony(Benedict Arnold):
Benedict Arnold was born on January 14, 1741. He grew up in Connecticut, he also had five brothers and sisters, but one of his sisters died from yellow fever at a very young age. He began his business career with being an apothecary and bookseller. He decided that bookselling and apothecary was not for him, so he worked hard at being a successful merchant in selling goods and different products. Later after that, he discovered a man called Adam Babcock.
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Slaves performed many jobs within the USA like planting, growing crops, feeding animals running farms and so much more. Some of the labor they had to do was very unnecessary like Maides the White people should have cleaned their own houses. Sometimes it was necessary like heavy lifting, farming, and carrying the soldiers stuff in war. In 1774, Abigail Adams wrote, “It always appeared a most iniquitous scheme to me to fight ourselves for what we are daily robbing and plundering from those who have as good a right to freedom as we have. ”Also African Americans served as Wives and maides. The slaves from west and central Africa taught other slaves how to grow rice. Also, the African Americans made large pots of gumbo for everyone. They also thought all Americans how to cook everything. Theoretically, one could open all doors of the house, fire a bullet through and not disturb anything, hence shotgun (Joyner 25-26). Some slaves were only freed to fight in one of the many wars. There were also double agents, during the American Revolution like James Armistead Lafayette, who was a slave. James volunteered for the Continental Army without the promise of freedom. He was stationed at Williamsburg, Virginia under the command of General Marquis de Lafayette. General Lafayette asked him to spy for the Continental Army. He was assigned to serve as a waiter in General Cornwallis’ tent. He overheard all the British plans, which he would tell to other trusted slaves who dispatched this information to General Lafayette and later General Washington.Union officials found valuable sources of information from slaves who were freed once the area came under Union control. Many of the slaves served as spies and gave useful information to the officials in the area. Many of the spies held menial jobs in confederate camps and were

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