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Ideas: • Black and white gnome: Paint throughout the speech to become a gnome of happiness and colour like the movie. • Hand out little things in life such as the bubble wrap(start) , breadstick(start) , caramello koala(at the end) • R-enact a scene • Play the little things in life as clip INTRO: *Play ‘La Me’, Hand out Bubble wrap and breadsticks* You have got to love the little things in life, whether it is the irresistible urge to pop bubble wrap, or hearing that crunch on your

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Jeunet has directed 13 films, each achieving recognition in the industry. Movies such as the dark comedy, Delicatessen- a post-apocalyptic cannibal zaniness that is so bizarre yet so extraordinary, Micmac- A quirky way to the reach a road of revenge- another extremely brilliant movie, and of course, Amelie- an overload of little things that piece together as one beautiful picture.
Jeunet’s work illustrates the expanding dimension of Frances global success in the box office. The recognition of his name has lead him into a pattern of achieving multiple awards and mass success in his career. His talent to translate vague images into something so captivating perhaps may be a factor towards his success and influence in the industry.
Each screenplay Jeunet has directed have been either written by himself or co-written, this demonstrates how extremely talented Jeunet is as he holds a high degree of control with all his projects. Jean Pierre Jeunet is a rare breed of director that surely stands out as one in a million.
Jeunet’s Amelie followed a pathway that has led to smashing multiple box office records. Exploring the facet of imagination, Amelie is a blissful reminder of the power of imagination.

French people are seen as arrogant but they are not arrogant just distrusting about outsiders as they want to maintain there culture. French culture is one of the few cultures that have not been Americanised and has kept
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