Amazon's Strategy Essay

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Amazon's Strategy
Jeannine Worthem
June 17, 2012
Julie Kennedy

Amazon's Strategy It is always a very nice experience to shop on-line with Amazon is one of the few places that I have searched for product that it does not take me hours to find what I am looking for. They offer more in retailing than any other web site visited so far, and when online they soften the risk of mail ordering by free shipping. Sometimes they even say “Thank You” by sending bonus products with my order. What I like best is that they communicate with me about my order, when it shipped and how to track it. I know what to expect from and am never surprised at the results. Amazon is not moving away from, but is
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Like the S3, designed to help web-scale computing easier for the developer. It reduces the time it takes to obtain or boot new servers to only minutes. EC2 also allows the customer to pay for the capacity that it uses. • Mechanical Turk is the human intelligence of the service. Amazon has improved technology but only so far. There are still things humans can do more effectively than a computer, such as identifying objects, performing duplication, transcribing audio and researching data details. This will enable the developers and businesses to lower cost and obtain their goals more quickly. It seems that all three of these systems coincide with each other in one capacity or another. Therefore, if one goes down will the others be useless until it comes back up. From what I have gathered so far, if the EC2 or the S3 does go down you cannot extract or input information. When it comes to using third-party hardware and software, security is perhaps the biggest issues for most companies. Trust is another issue, are hackers able to hack into these systems. Is the information stored where human error cannot delete it? No one really knows all the answers, but Amazon has a solid record for now. On ( they talk about a service outage that happened on July 10, that corrupt messages caused the shutdown. It took a while but Amazon found out what was wrong and implemented

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