Amazon Vs. Online Shopping Essay

1550 Words Apr 9th, 2016 7 Pages
Many people thought online shopping would be an evanesce. It would never challenge traditional ¨brick-and-mortar¨ retailers. However, after making $75 billion Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos believes in two key essential philosophies that has proven the naysayer wrong is customer service and price. The first and most significant point is ¨putting the customer at the center of everything we do¨ while applying ¨an intense focus on cost and efficiency resulting in lower prices.¨ (Kerin & Hartley, 2015) Amazon and online shopping have several advantages over traditional retailers.As mentioned earlier by CEO Jeff Bezos statement, prices are lowered to be competetive. This equates to a daily low price, which in practice is usually lower than when a retailer has a sale. Another advantage of ordering with Amazon over traditional stores is customers are not pressured with gimmicks to go over budget. Stores spend millions of dollars annually to get you inside their stores. Once inside, customers are strategically maneuvered throughout the store in hopes you will see an item and make an impulse purchase. In addition a customer who buys online can do it in the safety of their own home. There is no longer need to get in a car, research several locations for the best deal and hope the supply is greater than the demand when it is time to purchase. Amazon, is a one shop conglomerate that offers more selection and variety then even the big-box-stores. We live in a fast paced…

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