Alternative Medicine : A Common Source Of Health Care Essay

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Alternative Medicine
Although Alternative medicine is not a common source of health care, it has been proven to be an effective way to cure illnesses. The three most commonly used alternative medicines are Herbal Medicines, acupuncture, and Mind-body medicine.
Before our modern medicine that we use today was invented, herbs were what cured many diseases and sicknesses. (Moore, Arden, and Bridget Doherty 2) Our ancestors thousands of years ago, did not know how the herbs they used worked. They only knew what plant worked because of the outcome of the results. For example, they used the foxglove plant to treat heart failure. Little did they know that the plant contained molecules called glycosides that stimulate heart cells. (Mindell 21) “Herbs are a rich source of phytochemicals, compounds that are pharmacologically active, meaning that they exert a profound effect on certain animal tissue and organs. Therefore, they can be used as drugs in treating, curing, or preventing disease.” (Mindell 20) The definition of a herb for this specific topic is, any plant or plant derived substance that is primarily used for medical purposes. “There are approximately 380,000 species of plants on earth that we identified, and several hundred thousand that have yet to be discovered... Of the number of known plants, about 260,000 are classified as higher plants, which means that they contain chlorophyll and perform a process called photosynthesis. All the members of the higher plant group…

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