Alternative Energy Sources For Renewable Energy Essay

1362 Words May 8th, 2016 null Page
An alternative energy sources are so important. Wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric and biomass are needed and are alternative renewable energy that is beneficial for climate control, health benefits and the economy (Renewable Energy World. (1999). these technologies need to be explored to understand the benefits that can be argued by their use. This would prevent carbon dioxide and other gases from escaping into the air, which causes planet’s temperature to rise. The increasing the uses of any of these alternative energy sources would replace the carbon intensive energy sources and would reduce global warming. These are all connected to saving energy and our health and environment.
By generating electricity at home with a wind farm it would generate enough to run your lights and appliances. Also cut your electric bill, get paid for what you don’t use by the local electric company. Electricity can be store for future use. Whatever alternative energy sources can be used as long as the benefits are there it can be beneficial for all. The polls conducted by the wind foundations show that majority of American supports wind energy. Wind is free, supports manufacturing jobs by manufacturing turbines and other wind power supplies, also thousands of high paying jobs, such as constructions, maintenance.
Farmers, ranchers and other landowners benefit from the production of electricity, through wind power and solar power. There will be jobs developing for college graduates in…

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