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Alphabetic Index and Tabular List Memo "The Alphabetic Index and Tabular List contains all of the medical terms in the Tabular list classifications" (Valerius, Bayes, & Newby, Blochowaik, 2012, p. 115). This index also lists common terms that aren't found in the Tabular List. As the index is organized by the type of condition and not by the body part in which the condition occurred (Valerius, Bayes, & Newby, 2012, p. 115). The Index of Diseases and injuries along with the Index of External Causes of Morbidity, the Table of Neoplasms, and the Table of Drugs and Chemicals are also included in the Alphabetic Index of ICD-10.
To provide quality care for patients, a practice must have an accurate billing and coding system. If the medical coding

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