Allegiant Novel: A Choice That Changed Our Lives

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Allegiant Novel Essay

We’ve all made a choice that changed our lives. Maybe it was choosing one person over another or choosing one path instead of another. We are going to make hundreds of choices in our lives. Some will be small, like choosing what to eat for breakfast or what to order at a restaurant. Others will be big, like choosing who to marry. Sometimes we make good choices that lead to positive things and sometimes we make bad choices that lead to negative things or consequences.For example, if we choose to surround ourselves with bad people, or do drugs, then we may have to deal with serious consequences. However, we could also make good choices, surround ourselves with good people, and work hard. Then, we could find ourselves enjoying life and being prepared for the future. The questions is, what if there is no obvious good or bad choice? How are we supposed to know which
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This gave people the opportunity to see what type of person she was. On the back of the Allegiant novel, it says “One choice will define you.” This is very true. One choice defines who we are as a person, good or bad. Tris’s last choice did define her. it showed the type of person she was. She was the type of person who believed the best way to show a person you love them is to sacrifice yourself. She was the type of person who would easily protect her brother and chose to die herself rather than letting him do it. She was the type of person who would let herself die so that her city, full of friends, family, and neighbors could be safe and have their memories. She was the type of person who trusted herself, her judgement, and believed her motives were right. She was the type of person that could forgive and love even after someone made a mistake. All of this could be seen when she made her last choice. Her choice was good, people finally got to see her and what she was willing to do for her family and for her city of the first

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