The Boy Shain Pipcard Analysis

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Choices, they dictate the universe. Which path one will take and where it leads. Deciding to follow the beaten road, straying away or wandering back. Choices, they affect everything. But, when does a choice take control. When does that find line snap, spirling a person into a life-long journey into a path that so few walk and many do not see the end or find their way back. Choices, they are crazy, wild, life-altering things.
Twenty-nine years later, Shain Picard reflects on the choices he made in his youth, and how his “choice” became a beast he could no longer control. Shain has been on a journey with addiction pulling him off the path for decades dating back to long before his current battle with opioid misuse disorder. This is his story, this is his truth.
At the overwhelming young stages of life, Shain was met with hardships and struggles. Ashtabula, Ohio marks the very beginning of his story. Once his mother and father greeted him into the world, they decided to end their relationship. With this relationship split, Shain was taken with his mother to the fast-pace and bustling city of Columbus, Ohio. He would find his youth being spent their. After the split, both of his
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The first time he recalls partaking in illegal drug activities was back when he was fourteen years old. He said that his friends would all get together and drink which lead to smoking marijuana. During this time, Shain remembers that a multitude of his friends had gotten caught smoking weed, and everytime that a friend was busted, they would stop. But, Shain would do the opposite. When he was caught, he would continue to smoke regardless of his punishments. Once transitioning from middle school to high school, Shain notes that the drug usage became more intense and he began to use psychedelics. When looking back on it all, Shain realizes, “From an early age consequences weren't enough for me to not want to get high

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