The Breakfast Club Problem Of Identity

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Identity has always been a problem in society. People create terms or stereotypes that become the identity of another individual. The 1985 movie The Breakfast Club showed the effects that stereotypes have on people. The five main characters were coined as a criminal, jock, basket case, brain, and princess (The Breakfast Club). All of these names that are supposed to represent their identity turned out to be wrong. At the end of the movie, the audience saw that every character was more than their identifier. The problem of identity has been a question for many years, causing different philosophers and theologians to research solutions to this question. Philosophers believe that one of the four main theories could explain the problem of identity. Illusion, body, soul, and memory comprise the four theories used to describe identity. These different theories are useful because people have different ideas about identity. Based on which theory an individual chooses to believe …show more content…
Philosophers have several ideas to answer the problem of free will. One idea is incompatibilism, which means that an individual cannot believe in both free will and determinism. In the question of free will, I believe indeterminism is true. Indeterminism states that only certain events determine a person’s future. The idea of indeterminism states that a person’s future is not fixed. When someone makes a decision, it can change their life. If they decide to go to college instead of getting a job they will have a better education and be qualified for more jobs later in life. If they had decided to get a job instead of furthering their education, the opposite would be true. This person would most likely be stuck in the same job for the rest of their life. Neither choice is right or wrong, but choosing one over the other has changed their future. A problem with indeterminism is that people cannot help when random events

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