Essay on Allan G. Johnson

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Final Research Paper Allan G. Johnson wrote a book called, ‘Privilege, Power, and Difference’. He has written a very accessible introduction to the concept of privilege: the notion that certain members of society benefit from institutionalized assumptions and beliefs about what is normal. Conversely, attention is also given to various groups that are harmed by these same institutionalized assumptions. People of color, women, homosexuals, and those with disabilities are all included in his discussion. Furthermore, important criticisms included in this book are not only a wonderful introduction to the concept of privilege, but it also delves into how and why various systems of privilege are perpetuated in our society. Johnson is adept at …show more content…
Three senior editors took it to their editorial boards, but were turned down because of concerns about how to make a commercial success of a novel that realistically portrays domestic violence. One editor was overruled by the publisher who declared, “I don’t know why a woman would stay with a man who beats her up.” Another editor wrote, “I think Johnson’s writing is remarkable and the story he tells is compulsively readable. I loved both Katherine and Lucy, and felt they were both brought completely and convincingly to life. Everyone admired the quality of the writing, and everyone agreed this is a novel that deserves to be published. I genuinely hope you find someone who is brave enough to take it on.” Also, Allan G. Johnson began his work on men’s violence against women in 1977 as a Rape Crisis Service volunteer. He has authored research, testified before legislative committees, consulted with national and state organizations, and served on the board of the Connecticut Coalition against Domestic Violence. ‘The Blackwell dictionary of sociology’ is a new edition of Allan G. Johnson’s one-volume sociology dictionary which includes seventy-five new entries, as well as an expanded biographical section, extensive revisions and updates, and a more thorough cross-referencing. Written by a sociologist who is also an

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