All Wars Cause Effects On The World Essay

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All wars cause effects on the world which must be accepted, whether they are virtuous or wicked. Some effects can change the social world and the economy. The United States, while under British rule, clashed with the French while the rest of the world prospered. The colonies forced the French out of North America, and in return the British devastated their lives. The devastation created distrust and frequent uprisings between the colonists and the British, thus inspiring the creation of the United States from under another country’s shadow. During the age of exploration, land was discovered by the biggest and most powerful countries. They envied each other, some more than others, and vied for land. When the Americas were discovered they were thought of as a gold mine. The Spanish sent Columbus to find a new trade route to Asia; he failed his mission, but instead found parts of the Americas. When word was received, the other countries, England and France, sent men to observe and report about the land. This opened a land grab situation between the countries. As the countries gained land they moved the colonists over to their newly acquired land and worked on it. This involved many failures and successes. The British colonies were created when Great Britain needed to relieve itself of some people. When they went over to their newly acquired land, they began to cultivate the land and the colonies began to blossom. After many years of peace the French who had…

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