All Things That Make The Road Trip For Thanksgiving Dinner A Challenge

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Pieces of April This film Pieces of April, which involves A daughter that is having her whole family over for thanksgiving in New York city, which could possibly be the last time they have their mother for thanksgiving. The mother joy has cancer and is dying she is trying to re-connect with her daughter April, which seems to be weight on her chest since she has never had a good connection with her oldest daughter. This family dynamic is complicated in the way that they all have a different way in coping how their mother illness is taking a toll on them. From the father being afraid that his wife could die in her sleep. To the daughter Beth losing the love of her mother to the effect of cancer and her bipolar moods that make her act aggressive at times. These are all things that make the road trip to April thanksgiving dinner A challenge. April is what we can say the black sheep of her family. For instances she was the child that was rebellious liked to do things that she wasn’t supposed to do. Some were accidental things that just happened she was a child she made mistakes, accidents, others were things she just did to get back at her mother for things her mother would say. She didn’t want to be like her sister tamed to what hear mother wanted to do. April was diverse and she knew it she liked piercing getting tattoos that was what she liked. Her sister Beth was restrained liked to follow the rules, cook, sing, everything April wasn’t everything Joy wanted April to be.…

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