All The Great Speakers Were Bad Speakers At First ' -ralph Waldo Emerson

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“All the great speakers were bad speakers at first” -Ralph Waldo Emerson. Throughout my first semester of college, I recognize the importance of a liberal arts education and how public speaking is a huge contributor to being successful. I developed skills in speaking, visual aids, audience analysis & speaking ethically and responsibly, effective listening, being a respectful group member, and developing ideas with credible forms of support.
Speaking Skills Previous to taking Communications, I had a small amount of public speaking experience. I had given lengthy class presentations but I was never taught proper techniques to enhance or clarify my ideas. My concerns as the class drew nearer was my horrible habit of using “filler words” (like and um), and presenting my ideas to a classroom of strangers. With that being said, I was excited to develop in my speaking skills specifically with speaking genuinely, maintaining eye contact, and having fun with it. I improved leaps and bounds in these aspects! Authenticity clicked in my informative speech. My professor stated “clearly understanding material, credible, passionate, and authentic.” My speech was focused on how color affected mood. It was simple to make the speech genuine, because I truly believe in the idea. From then on, I realized my best speeches came from the heart or focused on a strong belief. I implemented my new knowledge when choosing my topics for the rest of the semester. Maintaining eye contact and having fun…

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