Essay on All Of Andrew 's Family

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All of Andrew’s family except Tim lives in the Phoenix area. They speak with each other when there are big updates to be given. Today, he reports that they all have a good relationship. Andrew says he is okay with the infrequent communication because he knows they do not have any issues in between them. He sees his sister frequently, often when they get together with their parents. They recently went on a two-week family vacation to visit his brother and his family in Arkansas.

Andrew says he has very positive memories from his childhood. He loved spending summer days over at his grandparents’ house where all of the cousins would get together and play outside. His grandma would make homemade bread and cinnamon rolls (from scratch). Sometimes they would end the evening with a camp fire making s’mores. What stands out as your most negative memory while growing up? In my eighth grade year, I was dating a girl in my class. Things were going well and we had a fun weekend planned with her youth group. Unfortunately, that weekend she decided to break things off and told me at the end of it.

School came fairly easy for Andrew. His favorite subject was mathematics. His least favorite subject was spelling. He feels was never good at that subject because it mainly involves strict memorization. Today he feels grateful for “spell check” on his computer. He was involved in basketball, cross-country, and band (saxophone) in junior high and high school. Andrew felt that high…

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