Essay on All Lives Matter Part 7 Of A Series

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All Lives Matter – Part 7 Of A Series. (2015, May 4). Retrieved January 11, 2016 from Politiwhat?:
In this picture two police officers violently kick and assault a young man in the middle off the street. The scene is flooded with citizens watching in awe of the situation happening. The police officers are dressed in an overwhelming amount of clothing. This included: backpacks, knee pads, shields, helmets, combat boots, and artillery, obviously very over-protective clothing for the rather harmless looking situation. Although, we can make an inference based upon the picture that the victim was a young male with darker skin based upon the clothing, hair, and facial features seen. This case of brutality seems so horrendous because of the unarmed, helpless victim.
Although blogs aren’t always identified as a reliable source, this specific one contains a publication date and title of the post. The publication date and picture title help give a more complete citation, automatically increasing the credibility factor. The large audience watching the event demonstrates the violence of this case of police brutality. If less violence occurred the audience would have been smaller, but the amount of assault happening lured in a large crowd. This pictures makes the audience feel upset and angry by showing the unarmed helpless man on the ground beaten by the armed officers. The author made this the purpose, to show…

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