The Role Of Racial Profiling In America

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Alang, Sirry. (2016, July 7). The massive toll of police brutality: the fatal shootings like in
Louisiana and Minnesota destroy minority communities, both physically and mentally.
The Salon. Retrieved from Alang explores how racial discrimination against African Americans is bad for the mental and physical health, and police are to blame for this. Police are racial profiling along with their arrests, and because of this, they are twice as much likely to kill black than whites. This discrimination and racial profiling (along with increased of unemployment and poverty from
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The movement started on social media and expanded even more on social media. Everyone heard of it. People began to protest, pushing for equality. College students began to protest against their universities when they noticed racial discrimination played a role in the removal of a student. Furthermore, blacks lives matter allowed people to promote for peace and to reach for a goal of equality for all races. Black Lives Matter started as a hashtag and transformed into a social reform, which was ignited through social media and expanded to all areas of life. Just as Alang explored the racial injustice in society, so does Altman when he investigates how Black Lives Matter. This article explains on the reasoning to why people are so passionate about the Black Lives Matter movement, and how that has inspired people of all areas to act upon it. According to Altman and Alang, change is in the midst and people are working towards it. Chaney, Cassandra Robertson, Ray V. (2014). Can we get along? Blacks’

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