Impact Of Police Brutality

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Alang, Sirry. (2016, July 7). The massive toll of police brutality: the fatal shootings like in
Louisiana and Minnesota destroy minority communities, both physically and mentally.
The Salon. Retrieved from Alang explores how racial discrimination against African Americans is bad for the mental and physical health, and police are to blame for this. Police are racial profiling along with their arrests, and because of this, they are twice as much likely to kill black than whites. This discrimination and racial profiling (along with increased of unemployment and poverty from racial discrimination) differences in blacks and causes blacks to feel afraid, powerless, anxiety, anger, stress, etc. As these
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(2012, June 18). Where police misconduct is still a problem. PBS. Retrieved
From a-problem/ Childress explores how just like in Martin Luther King Jr.’s world, there is still a great amount of misconduct with police officers today and that could be the reasoning for all the bad that is happening in the world. There is evidence that police officers are ‘ abusing their powers of authority to harm people and to be in control; this can contribute to the discrimination of another human being or actually harming an individual person. Investigations are still in progress. This article continues with the question if police officers are racist or if they are even using their status as police officers for their own personal gain to harm people. It is evident that a solution is needed through the amount of research of violence from police officers. The perspective to find a solution and to have change is evident.
Esposito. Luigi & Romano, Victor. (2014). Benevolent racism: upholding racial inequality in

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