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Growing from Innocent to Authoritative
Throughout Lewis Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland the main character Alice, goes through a variety of size changes that can be compared to her transition from childhood into adulthood. Alice stumbles into a rabbit hole as an innocent 7-year-old girl who discovers her identity crisis and who leaves Wonderland as a mature young adult with nothing more but the memories of the “dream of Wonderland” (Carroll 110). We can see Alice’s struggle to identify herself as her body size keeps changing just like a kid who is going through puberty, she does not know what to expect next. These experiences provide Alice with a different perspective on Wonderland and lead her to a maturing process from
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Her impotence and small size reflect childhood, where children get the feeling of being ignored due to the fact that their opinions are not taken seriously most of the times. We later see a glimpse of her acting like an adolescent undergoing puberty in the scene when she meets the pigeon and her neck grows terribly long: “ all she could see, when she looked down, was an immense length of neck…” (Carroll 47). In puberty you notice how your body parts start to grow without coordination, for me it was first the change of my tone of voice, then came the hairs. This is precisely what Alice is feeling right there, a loss of control over her body. Her puberty lead to an identity crisis as the pigeon confuses Alice for a snake as seen in figure 1, she is not sure what she has become and doubts her identity.

Figure 2: (Crubellier)

Towards the end of the story we spot several scenes where we see a change in Alice’s behavior, as it seems that she has taken a leap into adulthood. The last chapter is called “Alice’s Evidence”, and although you can analyze the name directly and say it’s called like that because of the trial, this chapter provides us with “Evidence that Alice” left childhood behind and is now a mature adult who defends herself from the Queen: “Who cares for you…You’re nothing but a pack of cards!” (Carroll 108). The fact that Alice

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