Comparing Alice's Adventures In Wonderland And The Phantom Tollbooth

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In this essay, I Intend to argue that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland focuses on Alices progression through childhood into adolescence while The Phantom Tollbooth demonstrates the progression of Milo redeveloping his childlike sense of thinking.
Alices progression from childhood into adolescence begins by demonstrating her small attention span by daydreaming . This is shown when her older sister reads to her a novel. The reader can conclude that Alice has fallen asleep and has begun dreaming by the mention of Alices’ sleepy state and reclined position. At this point Alice notices the white rabbit with a pocket watch who is created by her imagination and sparks her child like curiosity. She then begins to give chase to the rabbit due to her
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Although she has stumbled upon the key to the door her large stature has presented her a limitation. Next she comes across a bottle with the inscription “DRINK ME” attached to it. Alice drinks the contents of the bottle only after looking over it to ensure that it is not poison. This act highlights her child like thinking. “For if one drinks much from a bottle marked poison, it is almost certain to disagree with one sooner or later,” the door responds “I beg your pardon,” with a confused look on his face. This encounter with the door showcases the relationship between adults and young children. Considering adults are often unable to comprehend the logic of a child. After doing as instructed Alice finds herself at the right size to enter but has forgotten they key. So she eats a piece of cake with the note “EAT ME” attached to it and now finds herself too big to enter the door. Eventually Alice shrinks back down to her normal size. The overall experience and meaning of size expressed in this chapter is being used as a metaphor that indicates the changes a child goes through during

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