The Veldt Analysis

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The Veldt teaches readers that addictions can ruin all the good things in one’s life. When the Hadley family, in The Veldt, moved into their new happylife home; George and Lydia Hadley bought their children a mechanical nursery. The theme of the nursery could be easily changed by one’s thoughts. The children, Peter and Wendy, started to rely on the nursery more than their parents. Eventually, it became an addiction to them.

Peter and Wendy’s addiction to the nursery became more than just an interactive toy; it became reality. The room led to neurotic thoughts. The parents knew that something was wrong when the children started imagining up a deadly African savannah. The lions seemed so real and screams came from the room daily. George decided there was no other choice, they had to shut down the room for a while. The children became dramatic, begging to play inside of it just one last time. They couldn’t leave it cold-turkey. It was just too hard to quit.

Some people argue that the theme has to do with anger. It’s reasonable to believe that anger is a theme in this story, but it doesn’t have enough evidence. In fact, anger may actually have to do with their addiction. Any anger they may bottle up inside, they can relieve into the room, creating
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The children pleaded to use the room one last time, so the parents complied to a couple of minutes. During that time, Peter and Wendy set a plan into motion. They dreamt up the African savannah and screamed, yelling at their parents to come quickly. George and Lydia rushed down to the nursery; only to find it empty. Slam! The addiction of needing the room had gotten to the kid’s heads. Peter and Wendy locked their parents in the nursery and something came to life. The lions. George and Lydia were gone the second they realized whose screams they’d been

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