Alice & Wonderland, Theme of Bizarre Essay examples

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Theme: Weird and Bizarre.
The composers of Alice in Wonderland the novel and the film, and the Life of Pi the novel, have created a world that is both weird and wonderful. They have done this through their selected forms, use of language and film techniques to highlight the bizarre and transform it into a world that seems real. Lewis Carrol uses the form of a fairy tale to describe Alice’s adventure down the rabbit hole, Tim Burton focuses on visual techniques to emphasise the extraordinary or supernatural nature of the Alice in Wonderland story. Yann Martel presents a novel in the form of a memoir to recount the adventurous, Life of Pi. All three creators highlight the theme of weird in three ways. First, by its form, for example a
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Burton uses visual techniques of Absalom being half raised so that he looks majestic. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are grossly oversized showing the disproportion of this surreal world where the caterpillar reigns supreme.

Yann Martel introduces the bizarre to Pi’s memoir when the ship sinks, ‘tell me it’s a bad dream, and tell me it’s not real’. The dream takes on nightmarish qualities when he discovers a Bengal tiger on board his life raft, the author lists the quality of ‘wet, trembling, half-drowned, heaving and coughing,’ to accentuate the complicated situation. The surrealism is compounded by Pi’s father’s original instructions that he should never get close to a tiger. The unlikely collection of a sixteen-year-old boy named Pi, a hyena, a zebra with a broken leg, a female orangutan and a 450-pound Royal Bengal Tiger, adds a touch of magical surrealism to the story. Martel uses an olfactory image to add authenticity to the bizarre, ‘a foul and pungent smell, an earthy mix of rust and excrement hung in the air’. All three composers have succeeded in portraying the theme of bizarre and weird through a combination of language and visual techniques.

Through the medium of a fairy tale Carrol creates a bizarre world, and makes it seem perfectly natural. Having accepted that a baby can turn into a pig, it seems ordinary that a cat may be reduced to nothing but a grin. Alice’s encounter with the cat begins on a respectful note, when she addresses

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