Alice in Wonderland Essay

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Twelve Mark Question
How does Orwell manage to make surveillance seem a negative thing?
Morrison makes the passage very negative by giving a one sided argument against the multitude of surveillance cameras. He shows his personal views giving the impression of negativity as this is the only source of feeling towards that particular person. ‘Made by a sinister Minister of Internal Repression.’ Using the shocking story of the suicide on BBC News tries to persuade the reader that surveillance is used as cruel bait for prime time television for the rest of the nation to gawp at this man’s final moments. The only argument (which is trying to give the reader little reason to decide if it is justifiable) against the passages main approach is
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The repetition of ‘society’ plays a great part in Morrison’s tactics of persuasion. Britain prides itself on freedom and equality. However Morrison gives a different of a very downtrodden society which gives the reader the feeling that CCTV is not respecting what they vote for every four years. Morrison’s point is that there is a repression to our society of freedom. A freedom to do what we want without a feeling of growing suspiciousness. ‘A society where shopkeepers build up secret files.’ This implies everyone is watching you a feeling of lack of security. It is repeated to give a sense of constriction. ‘A society whose citizens have little choice but to accept.’ Little choice gives this sense of repression. This is reinforced by a quote from Orwell himself who said “Freedom is slavery.” Giving a negative vibe of what our society has come to, portrays a wave of fear.
Morrison plays to our sanity. Using ‘paranoia’ suggest the emotion of madness. Paranoia is linked to madness and now Morrison intimating that every reader is mad. He is expressing that CCTV could send you madness or an underlying anxiety that whatever we do is recorded and watched. Paranoia can only be a negative thing and so suggesting it gives a derogative view on what is causing it.
Morrison uses large figures as a negative to give us an idea of the scale of CCTV. ‘4000000 closed

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