Alice in Wonderland Essay

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1. How would you characterize Alice?

Based on the novel Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll, Alice, the heroine of the story is a curious, imaginative, strong- willed, and honest young English girl. Her adventures begin when she falls asleep by the side of a stream in a meadow and dreams that she follows a White Rabbit down his hole.
Her curiosity has made her ventured the world she never been before, entered each doors that she able to open, she even trying hardly to figured out how to open the doors she couldn’t opened. She also curious about the food and drink she’d found in her journey, she always ate and drank beverages she’d never known just to figure out what its taste or what it’s used for.
Her imagination take her to try to
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So she innocently replied to the Caterpillar that she didn’t know exactly who or what creature she is that time. She rather confused of what happens to her because by that morning she woke up as a normal girl in normal world got herself accompanying her sister on the bank. But then suddenly in the next moments she founds herself trapped in a journey in very strange world (that later she called it Wonderland) since she met White Rabbit in the garden and follow him in to his hole.
Since then she got herself changing her body size and shape for several time and met so many strange creature ever since every time she enter each doors. She had had herself changing into small size, telescope shaped and also giant sized after she ate, drank, wear or holding something strange she’d never ate, drink, or touch before. She also found herself could talk familiarly with some creature that most of them are talking animals. Those would never happen in her normal world and normal life. 3. “Teenage Wasteland”

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