Essay about Alice and Wonderland 2010

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Title Alice and Wonderland 20120
Screen Writer Linda Woolverton
Director Tim burton
March 5, 2010 The Scene

Scene Design
Throughout the whole movie the scenes keep changing going from a reality to something what seems like a dream. The scenes are over the top and amazing and fit the film 100 percent of the time.

Lighting Design
Alice is transitioning from the dark forest to the bright but destroyed looking tea party as the two settings are a mix of contrast. At the same time the characters are contrasted to their surroundings as they are much brighter than their environment. The clashing of light and dark colors show that the creatures of Wonderland are at war.

Sound Design
The sound not only help move the
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Alice encounters complications with every new character she interacts with. Alice herself is a big complication through the movie she has to try and understand the mysteries of wonderland. She must also undergo changes from a shy innocent girl to a warrior who can slay the red queen’s evil beast.

Climax and resolution
The red queen is throwing a trial that Alice must attend. The queen is accusing frog of eating all of her tarts. There is a great deal of evidence giving again the frog. The frog is sentenced to be beheaded and Alice stand up for the frog and said to be executed by the queen. She fights off the queen’s guards and escapes. She then leads an army against to queen and her evil beast. She faces the beast in an extraordinary battle when she be heads the beast and the while queen’s restored to power in Wonderland.

After Alice came back from Wonderland she returned as a new woman. As she turned down the wedding proposal and worked for a man opening trade up in China. She went to China at the end and sees the butterfly from wonderland. Alice never promised to come back to wonderland only to never forget.

The Characters

Major Characters
Alice – She is destined to slay the red queen’s killer beast. Alice’s experience in Wonderland is about reconnecting with herself and finding out that she has the strength to be more confident in figuring out what she wants.
The Mad Hatter- He has been awaiting Alice’s arrival back to

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