Essay about Algebra And Associative Property Of Multiplication

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Learning Objectives:
Cognitive- Students will be able to:
• Apply the Associative property of multiplication to multiply.
Psychomotor-Students will be able to:
• Write the order of operation before applying the associative property to multiply.
Affective-Students will be able to:
• worked collaboratively and give each other help when needed.
Academic Vocabulary:
Associative property-- “When three or more numbers are multiplied, the product is the same regardless of the grouping of the factors” (Banfill, 2009).
Prior Knowledge:
To teach this lesson, students should be familiar with:
1. Multiplication times table
Teacher Preparation and Resources:
1. Interactive whiteboard
2. Tablets/Laptop
3. Cardboard with numbers and letters.
4. Individual worksheet
5. Group and self-evaluation rubric

According to Ormrod (2008), “People of all ages learn new information more effectively when they can relate it to what they already know” (p.253). For this reason, to introduce this lesson, I will select four students. While the chosen students are standing in front of the classroom, I will give each of the student a cardboard with a different number. For instance, the first student will have the number 13, the second student will have the number 4, the third student will have the letter X for multiplication and the fourth student will have the equal sign. After, I will have the class solve the problem and write the answer as well as the…

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