Alexander Yuryevich 's Influence On Children With Learning Difficulties

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Alexander Yuryevich “Sasha Pichuskin was born on April 4,1974 in Moscow, Russia. Pichushkin lived with his mother and sister in a small apartment. He slept on a couch while his mother slept on a queen size bed.He grew up on Khersonskaya Street.His father was not in his life he left the family when Alexander was one years old. When Alexander was four years old that was when his life changed. At the age of four he fell off a swing and had brain damage from that. He became impulsive and hostile. His mother would talk about how her son was ordinally he had a cat name Mursik and a fish that he loved truly. Pichushkin was transferred to a school for children with learning difficulties. The other children in his area started calling him a ‘retard’. Because Pichushkin, was getting bullied he reacted toward them aggressively. But his grandfather recognised how smart Alexander was. Because his grandpa noticed how smart he was he started teaching him chess. After some time, he started to live with his grandfather, the two of them became very close over time and played chess together while watching mostly old men playing at Bitsevsky Park. But even though he was living with his grandfather that didn 't stop the kids from bullying him. And during this time his cat died and one of his neighbors later said that Alexander crying over of his lost of the cat. Months after the lost of his cat his grandfather passed away and then his grandfather dog died too. That is when Alexander turned…

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