Alexander The Great Of Macedonia Essay

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The world has seen many conquerors in its days, with many today remembered for either their disastrous or wondrous reigns. Named the world’s greatest conqueror, Alexander the Great of Macedonia, like his name suggests, was great in several respects, all contributing to his success in dominating the known world. Some may even call him a hero. Hero, by dictionary definition, is “a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.” (Merriam - Webster Online Dictionary). Alexander proved himself a worthy hero, through and through. His sheer genius military strategies were unparalleled; his understanding of humanity and human nature allowing him to be a better king to his soldiers and those he conquered. He was also fair to his empire, religiously tolerant and respectful to different cultures. Alexander was a talented leader with much to his name, and even more to his person. His military tactics proved his exceptional mind, and his prowess on the battlefield. He was so successful that he never even lost a single battle! He used a phalanx formation, adopted by his father Philip II from the Greeks. The Macedonian phalanx required the use of sarissa, eighteen feet long spears. The army marched in a rectangular shape, with the spears out in front of them. By using spears eighteen feet long, Macedonian soldiers were able to push back attacking enemies. Their spears were longer than the enemies’ were, and so the opposing army would be unable to reach the Macedonian…

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