Alexander The Great : Alexander IIi Of Macedon Essay

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Alexander the Great:
Alexander III of Macedon, more commonly known as Alexander the Great (356 B.C. – 323 B.C.) was the son of Philip II, King of Macedon (382 B.C. – 336 B.C.) and Olympias. Conqueror of the Persian Empire, India and Egypt. When Alexander was born, prophecies foretold by Persian soothsayers and astronomers that he was going to be the “destroyer of Asia” due to the burning of the “famous Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.” (Alexandria, City of the Western Mind) The manuscript Alexander Romance describes of a King of Egypt Nektanabus, who was an astronomer/prophesier, running away to Macedonia coming into service of Olympias. Foretold of Alexander, by help of the horned god Ammon who was going to rule the world.
His father “Philip, who had just captured the city of Potidaea, received at this time three messengers. The first announced that his general Parmenion had overthrown the Illyrians in a great battle; the second, that Philip’s superb racehorse had won a victory at the Olympic Games; and the third, that his son Alexander was born.” (Alexandria, City of the Western Mind)
Growing up Alexander was tutored by Aristotle who was a philosopher from (place) until he was around 13-14 years old. “Aristotle also taught him logic, ethics, metaphysics, politics, and was responsible for stimulating Alexander’s deep interest in scientific investigation, geography, hydrography, ethnology, zoology, botany, and medicine.” (Alexandria, City of the Western Mind) It was around…

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