Essay on Alexander Hamilton- The Outsider By Jean Fritz

1306 Words Dec 8th, 2016 6 Pages
The book I chose to read was Alexander Hamilton- The Outsider by Jean Fritz. This book was rated at a 9th grade reading level but could be read in grades 6th- 8th depending on the students. There was quite a bit of information crammed into 144 pages and therefore can be useful in many different ways throughout the different age groups, even in the grades below 6th if the information is just taken from it. This being said, this book can be incorporated in many different ways in the classroom. As we discussed multiple times this semester, it is always good to find ways to incorporate multiple subject areas into one lesson. This helps to teach the whole child in a way that they will encounter information in everyday life. This being a book, English language arts can easily be integrated into a social studies lesson on this topic. In the upper grades the book can be read and analyzed for style and layout. The tone of voice, the point of view, and the genre are all topics that could be covered and evaluated with this book. In the lower grades small sections can be taken and read to the class or given to the class to read and they can look at similar aspects of the sections. This also introduces the students to texts other than fiction book to evaluate. Chronology is a topic that is covered on many different levels. Since this book is written in chronological order it would be simple to create a timeline as it is read. There are many different people and scenarios mentioned…

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