Alexander A Great Deal Of The Army Essay

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Alexander spent a great deal of his life in the company of his army, inherited from his father, Philip. With so many years shared between the troops and Alexander, it was crucial to Alexander’s success that his men trust him, follow him, and fight for him without question. In the early years of Alexander’s career as ruler of Macedonia and leader of the army, his determination for conquest was shared by his men. Alexander led his troops into many successful battles and triumphs, such as the Battles of Gaugamela, Issus, and Granicus. In each of these places, Alexander’s leadership skills were tested, and they prevailed. His ability to inspire his troops was fruitful and made stronger with each success. However as Alexander pulled his army further from home, they began to tire of the never-ending mission for conquest, disgruntled that Alexander’s want for land was not yet satisfied. This eventually led to a mutiny held by the army, demanding that Alexander venture no further east across the Hyphasis River. Alexander’s ability to lead and inspire his troops took a serious blow at this time, but for the most part of his reign, Alexander was known for his excellent military command, earning him the title of Alexander the Great. From very early on in his life, Alexander had been exposed to military rules and life by his father, Philip. As a prince of Macedonia, it was imperative that he be taught how to lead so he will be followed; fortunately, Alexander had a natural talent…

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