Alcoholism : The Problem Of Alcoholism Essay

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There is many social problems in this world. Each problem affects the family, relationship, marriages, society, school, work and so on. The one that is a very common and that people tend to do a lot and the biggest issue is alcoholism. Alcoholism is an addiction to the consumption of alcoholic liquor or the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting from alcohol dependency ( Many may think it is no big deal but they may not realize the changes, abuse or distrust in the person. Alcoholism affects the health, family and society. It brings a lot of issues in humans lives that does not cause any good.
Drinking is not the best way to relieve stress or “have fun” how people claim it brings to them. People commonly use it to make them feel good or impress friends or family so they can be considered cool or fit in with the crowd. The truth behind it is that it doesn 't really help them feel good or make them cool it actually makes them think and react negatively. It increases irritability, poor judgement and reasoning these are a couple of ways that alcohol affects personality and relationship. The health is one major issue due to drinking alcohol because it affects them even if they don’t want to be affected by drinking alcohol (
It also affects the whole body. For example, it affects the brain. When alcohol interferes with the brain communication and coin it affects the way the brain looks and functions. It can change the person’s mood and…

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