Alcoholism Research Paper

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Alcohol is the number one leading cause of teen deaths in the United States. People who drink alcohol are at higher risks of getting in trouble with the law. Half of the people in jail and hospitals are in some way linked to alcohol use. In 1920 during the Prohibition Era people drank more than they had when there was no Prohibition. Alcohol has many after effects such as: damage to a person’s body, withdrawal, and both mental and physical effects. Family members going through this are four percent more likely to become an alcoholic than someone without a family member who is an alcoholic.
INFORMATION ON ALCOHOLISM There are two major categories of Alcoholism. The author of the article “Alcoholism” states
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According to Larry Blaser, Zoran Minderovic, and James Hoffmann, authors of the article “Alcoholism” from the database The Gale Encyclopedia of Science, science research shows that people who have alcoholism in their family are four times more likely to start drinking or become an alcoholic. If a child has a parent who is an alcoholic, he or she has a higher chance of becoming an alcoholic as well (“Alcoholism” Sick) . Many alcoholics blame stress and their children as the reason for drinking. The parents who blame their kids also tend to abuse them (“Alcoholism”Sick). Generally the children who have been a victim of abuse have social and mental problems (“Alcohol”). Many alcoholics reason for lashing out is the effects of the alcohol. Some alcoholics do not know what they are doing to their child, and when they are sober they do not remember doing it (“Alcoholism”UXL). The article “Alcoholism” states that “biological, psychological, social, and cultural factors all seem to play a role in the development of alcoholism.” Teens usually start drinking due to peer pressure from friends and sometimes older siblings “Alcoholism”(Sick). Some people drink in order to escape or avoid things in their life that are stressful or painful (“Alcoholism” …show more content…
Many people who drink know nothing about alcohol, they just drink to have fun or get away from all that 's going on around them.Tina, Mark, and Tammy knew nothing about alcohol. They all went to a party to have fun not intending to drink, but all their friends were drinking and they did not want to be left out so they took a drink. After they took one they did not want to stop after which lead to them needing to go home and they had gotten into a car accident. So before a person drinks they should make sure to know all the information about what substances can do to a person. Once someone drinks there are after effects and the causes of them. If someone is going to drink it 's good that they know what they might have to go through if they were to get addicted and become an alcoholic. It 's better just to stay away from alcohol and just say

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