Essay On Hazing

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Hazing does not always end well for everyone because people can die from certain events during the hazing process; moreover, “82% of deaths from hazing involve alcohol” (“What is Hazing” 1). This is caused by members of a certain organization forcing new people to drink excessively and not taking care of them when they are falling all over themselves or as far as being not responsive. However, in most organizations people do take in account how much people can handle and if these same people have taken their alcohol consumption too far. The alcohol being consumed is not the problem it is the people watching over them that is the problem. These actions are not meant to harm or kill the new members, but more to see how far they are willing to …show more content…
There are instances where certain initiated members take it to this extreme and more. These active members begin to pick on new members too profusely and cause them to do certain things that can be harmful themselves and others. These are the people that give them bad reputations and cause people to second guess joining a social group, especially when it comes to Greek organizations. Active members tend to lose sight of what the organization resembles and let their pledge practices stray from their core values and focus more on punishment rather than improvement and advancement. The organization as a whole will not be able to prosper is they continue to have people who believe pure punishment is the answer to better pledges to be better members; moreover, “if you [keep the] cruel, vicious people [in the organizations], then cruel, vicious things will [keep happening]” (Wright 1). If they cannot get all these members to believe the true core values, then organization must vote to get rid of the bad seeds to be the best group they possibly

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