Essay about Alcohol Abuse Is A Serious Social Issue

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1. Introduction

Alcohol abuse is a serious social issue that consists of a constant pattern of drinking that can result in negative health, work, educational and social effects. Alcohol itself causes approximately 1.8 million deaths per year and around 90% of Australian adults have tried it at least once. Most people will be affected by alcohol abuse at least once in their lifetime – whether they are the abuser or friends and family.

2. History of alcohol

In the 16th century alcohol, which was called ‘spirits’, was mostly used for medicinal purposes. By the 18th century cheap spirits had reached a peak in Britain and gin consumption had reached 18 million gallons. This was when alcoholism first became widespread. The year 1920 bought the coalition and by 1933 when the prohibition was ended illegal trading of alcohol had boomed. Today 15 million Americans alone suffer from some form of alcoholism and 40% of all car accident deaths involve alcohol.

3. Causes of alcohol abuse/ alcoholism

The abuse of alcohol can be brought upon by many things – through upbringing to personal life experiences and mental disorders. When it comes to youth a bad home life (one with violence or neglect) can lead to drinking copious amounts. Alcohol abuse can also occur through seeing alcohol drunk by close relatives or friends regularly. Other causes of alcohol abuse include mental issues, peer pressure, low self-esteem, a stressful lifestyle and sexual or physical abuse. It must be noted…

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